Warranty Information


bullet"Limited" means that we will repair problems caused by factory defects or normal use at no charge. Work performed by qualified technicians which did not cause any damage to the radio will not void the warranty and will be left intact. Serious damage caused by unqualified technicians, operator abuse or other miscellaneous catastrophes can also be repaired, but there will be a charge.
bulletThe warranty covers the radio, not the purchaser. The radio is covered no matter how many owners it has had. 
bulletEach radio is stamped with the date of manufacture -- if no sales receipt is available, the radio is covered for 26 months from that date. The first digit of the serial number represents the year, the next two digits indicate the month, so that a radio with serial number 8020003 is under warranty without a receipt through the end of April of the year 2000.
bulletFor maximum convenience, these radios can be shipped directly to us for repair with a Repair Authorization Number that can be obtained by calling our Service Department at 760-480-8800 between 10am and 5pm PDT.
bulletGetting a radio safely to us is the shipper's responsibility -- incoming shipping charges and insurance are not covered by our warranty.
bulletWe will do the necessary repairs as quickly as possible and return the radio back to you at our expense.
Repair Information
A Repair Authorization Number is required before sending a repair to us. Please call 760-480-8800 between 10am and 5pm PDT or follow the link below to request a number:
Repair Authorization Number

Unfortunately, there are no off-site "Factory Authorized" Galaxy service centers, and although we are more than happy to repair your radio at our facility, it may be several weeks (counting shipping time) before you and your radio are reunited. There are, however, many technicians across the country who are more than able to repair most of the problems which may occur. Therefore, we are currently updating our radio parts list to include over 300 different replacement parts, giving you the option of taking your radio to a local technician. Sometimes time means more than money, and a free repair just isn't worth waiting for.