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CB Radios

Mobile Antenna

Brackets & Mounts
 Cobra CB Radios

Cobra   18 WX ST II
Cobra   50 WX ST
Cobra   75 WX ST
Cobra   25 LTD  Classic
Cobra  29 LTD Classic
Cobra   29 LTD Chrome
Cobra  29 NW LTD

Cobra  29 LX

Cobra   29 LXBT

 Uniden CB Radios

Uniden   PRO505XL
Uniden   PRO510XL
Uniden  PRO520XL
Uniden   BC880
Uniden   BC980 SSB

Uniden   PC-78 LTX

 Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy   DX-929        
Galaxy   DX-939
Galaxy  DX-939

Galaxy   DX-949         AM/SSB
Galaxy  DX-959          AM/SSB
Galaxy  DX-959B        AM/SSB

Galaxy  DX-979F        AM/SSB

 President CB RadioNew!

President Adams            AM  New!
President Johnny III         AM
President Johnson II        AM
President McKinley II    AM/SSB
President Bill FCC           AM
President Andy II           AMNew!
President Walker II          AM

 Portable or MOTORCYCLE

Cobra 50 WXST
Motorcycle Helmet Kit
SPM-1 Speaker Mic
SPM-4 Speaker Mic
Throat microphone
President Randy New!


BIG  Radios


 Ranger 10M Radio

RCI-2950CD          AM/FM/SSB
RCI-2950DX6        AM/FM/SSB
RCI-2970N2          AM/FM/SSB
RCI-2970N3          AM/FM/SSB
RCI-2970N4          AM/FM/SSB
RCI-2995DX         AM/FM/SSB
RCI-63FFC2         AM
RCI-63FFD4         AM
RCI-39VHP           AM
RCI-39VHP+         AM New!
MX - 36HP3          AM
SS - 36HP3           AM
RCI - X9               AM/SSB/CW New!
SS - 158FB4        AM/SSB/FM/CWNew!

 Galaxy 10M Radio

Galaxy  DX-29HP       AM/FM 
Galaxy  DX-33HP2      AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-44HP     AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-47HP     AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-55F        AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-66V2      AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-66V3      AM/FM
Galaxy  DX-8
6V        AM/SSB
Galaxy  DX-94HP      AM/SSB
Galaxy  DX-99V2      AM/FM/SSB
Galaxy  DX-98VHP

 Connex 10M Radios....

Connex 3300HP           AM/FM
Connex 33HPC1           AM/FM
Connex CX-36HPF        AM
Connex 46 Turbo N1   AM/FM

 Stryker 10M Radios....

Stryker SR-25MC         AM/FM
Stryker SR-94HPC   
Stryker SR-447HPC2   
Stryker SR-497HPC      AM/FM
Stryker SR-655HP       AM/FM
Stryker SR-955HPC     AM/FM/SSB

President 10M Radios....

Lincoln II+       AM/FM/SSB/CW
Ronald            AM/FM

Richard            AM/FM

 Misc 10M Radios....

General Lee               AM/FM
General HP40W         AM/FM

 Wilson Antenna

Wilson  Little Wil
Wilson  500
Wilson  1000
Wilson  2000 Trucker
Wilson  5000
Wilson  5000 Trucker
Wilson  Fiberglass
Wilson  1/4" Flexible

 K-40 Antenna

K-40  Trunk Lip Antenna
K-40  Magnet Mount
K-30  Magnet Antenna
K-40  Fiberglass Whip
K-40  Superflex Whip

 FireStik Antenna

Firestik II Fiberglass

 High Power Antenna

Fat Boy AN-101 Shorty
Fat Boy AN-102 Medium
Fat Boy AN-103 Long
Fat Boy AN-104 FB-R4
Fat Boy AN-105 FB-R5
Fat Boy AN-106 FB-R6
Fat Boy AN-107 Comp Trucker
Fat Boy AN-108 T
Fat Boy AN-109 SM Trucker
Fat Boy AN-110 LG Trucker
Fat Boy Accessories

Monkey Made MM-9 Short 
Monkey Made MM-9 Medium 
Monkey Made MM-9 Long
Monkey Made MM-4

Predator 10K K-1-9
Predator 10K K-1-12
Predator 10K K-1-17

Stryker Antenna

Stryker Magnetic Antenna New!
Stryker "Trucker" Antenna New!

 President Antenna

President New Virginia
President Texas RW
President Maryland RW
President IOWA RW

 Custom Antenna Solutions

Motor Homes
FJ Cruiser  
All Custom Fender Brackets

Custom Trailer Hitch Mount New!


Base Antenna

MaCo Antenna Products
MaCo Beam Antennas
MaCo Alpha V 5/8
MaCo Alpha V 5000
MaCo Balcony Antenna
Gizmotchy Beam Antennas
Solarcon A-99  


Astatic 636L
Astatic D104M-6
Astatic RD104E
Astatic 878 (base mic)
MFJ-299 (base mic)
Turner RK-56 (Road King)
Ranger 2950/2970/2995
Ranger SRA-198
Bearcat BC-804NC
Bearcat BC-645

 Microphone Accessories

Microphone Hooks
Microphone Buttons
Mic plugs
Mic cords
Mic Extension cable
Mic Retractor

 FireStik - Stainless Steel
FireStik Dodge Ram Hood
FireStik Door Jamb Mount
FireStik Flat Mount, Narrow
FireStik Flat Mount, Wide
FireStik Flat Mount w/Clamp
FireStik Hood Channel, Adj.
FireStik Hood Channel, Std
FireStik Jeep Hood Channel
FireStik Mirror Mounts
FireStik Roof Mount
FireStik Side Mounts
FireStik Stake-Hole Mount

FireStik Stake-Hole, Ext
 FireStik - Other
FireStik Side Mount, Molded
FireStik Dome Mounts
FireStik Widget, Side-2-Side
FireStik Widget, Up-N-Down

FireStik Pro Stud Mounts
FireStik Fire-Ring Stud Mount
 Special Mounts
TeraFlex Jeep Mount
JL Jeep Mount
JK Jeep Mount
FireStik Jeep Hood Channel
Generic Aluminum Mirror
Bandi Mount (FJ Cruiser)
Tool Box Stand-Off Mount
Magnet Mount
Bird Perch Mount
Freightliner Cascadia
Freightliner Cascadia2
Freightliner Cascadia 2018New!
 Antenna Accessories
Hustler C-29 spring
Hustler C-30 spring
Hustler SSM-1 ball and spring
Hustler SSM-2 ball mount
Hustler SSM-3 spring
Hustler_QD-2 quick  disconnect
FireStik Quick Disconnects
FireStik Stainless Springs

Right Angle Stud Mount
Heavy Duty Stud Mount
Antenna Splitter AM/FM/CB


Radio Brackets
External Speakers
Coaxial selector switch
3KW Low Pass Filter

Lightning Surge Protector
CB/AM/FM Antenna Splitter

 Coaxial Cable
RG-8X Coax Cable
K-40 FME Coax Cable
RG-213 Coax Cable
LMR 400 Ultra Flex Coax

Fire-Flex Coax  
Fire-Flex Coax + mini end
Fire-Ring Co-phase Cable
Aries Co-phase Cable
 DC Power
Pyramid Power Supplies
75A Power Supply
Radio Power Cords
DC Power Noise Filter
DC Quick Disconnects
Cigarette lighter plugs
Braided Ground Strap
ANL Fuse Holders
MaCo Power Meter
Simple SWR Meter
Daiwa CN-901HP
Freq Counter  FC-347
Freq Counter  FC-30
Freq Counter SpeakerNew!
SWR Analyzer MFJ
VNA Analyzer MFJ
 Toys and Kits
Noise Toys (Sound bytes)
Recorder module
TRB-X4 Echo Board New!
Ranger Echo Board
TopGun MD-1 and CP-1
Helmet Cam
Star-Bryte Knobs
Chrome-Jeweled Knobs
PA  - Siren System
Powerband RFX95HD
CB Radio Book


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Radios requiring technical services may be delayed 7 to 10 days

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