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Lightning Surge

MFJ - 272



Safe-guard your expensive equipment from static electricity and lightning induced surges on 50 Ohm coax.

MFJs Guardian Angel Lightning Surge Protector has an Ultra-fast gas discharge tube that safely shunts up to 5000 amps of peak impulse current harmlessly to an independent ground. SWR less than 1.1:1.

Less than 0.1 dB loss. Use up to 1000 MHz. MFJ-272 handles 1.5 kW PEP. MFJ-272 does not protect against a direct lightning hit.

That should be repeated:

This product does not protect
against a direct lightning hit.

You can also order the MFJ-97H, which is a replacement gas discharge tube for your MFJ-272.


  ...LIGHTNING PROTECTOR, SO-239/SO-239, 1500W PEP... $39.95
...MFJ-97H, replacement
gas discharge tube


  • Easy hook-up.
  • 50 OHM
  • DC-1000 MHz
  • SWR <1.1:1
  • Insertion loss: : < 0.1 dB
  • Discharge voltage: DC-1000V
  • Max Power Rating: 1500W PEP




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