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LMR-400-UF(Ultra Flex)

 Coaxial Cable Jumpers

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Ultra-Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax

Drop-in replacement for RG-8/9913 Air-Dielectric type Cable
Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
Short Antenna Feeder runs
Any application that requires additional flexibility

LMR standard is a UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use. The bending and handling characteristics are significantly better than air-dielectric and corrugated hard-line cables.

Flexibility and bendability are hallmarks of the LMR-400 cable design. The flexible outer conductor enables the tightest bend radius available for any cable of similar size and performance.

Low Loss is another hallmark feature of LMR-400 Size for size LMR has the lowest loss of any flexible cable and comparable loss to semirigid hard-line cables.

RF Shielding is 50 dB greater than typical single shielded coax (40 dB). The multi-ply bonded foil outer conductor is rated conservatively at > 90 dB (i.e. >180 dB between two adjacent cables).

Weatherability: LMR-400 cables designed for outdoor exposure incorporate the best materials for UV resistance and have life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Connectors: THESE JUMPERS wired with hand soldered Amphenol PL-259.


Interactive calculator ONLINE

Example Calculate Attenuation = (0.146748) FMHz + (0.000312) FMHz


Ambient = +25C (77F)

Power: VSWR=1.0;

Ambient = +40C; Inner

Conductor = 100C (212F);

Sea Level; dry air; atmospheric pressure; no solar loading 


If calculated using CB radio 27.205 Mhz (channel 20)

LMR-400UF at 27Mhz

     1 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $22
     3 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $27
     6 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $34
     9 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $41
   12 FT Coax Cable Assemblies  $49
   30FT Coax Cable Assemblies  $93
   44 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $127
   59FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $163
   74  FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $200
   88 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $234
   102 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $268
   117 FT Coax Cable Assemblies   $305
   132 FT Coax Cable Assemblies  $342
   145 FT Coax Cable Assemblies  $373
   161FT Coax Cable Assemblies  $412
   500 FT Roll of Coax (no connectors) $1100
prices calculated at $2.44 per foot.

Construction Specifications 

mechanical Specifcations

LMR-400UF Electrical Specifications

Attenuation chart

Velocity of Propagation  85%

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