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                                  Coax Cable Jumpers


LMR-400-UF(Ultra Flex)

 Coaxial Cable Jumpers

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Ultra-Flexible Low Loss Communications Coax

Drop-in replacement for RG-8/9913 Air-Dielectric type Cable
Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
Short Antenna Feeder runs
Any application that requires additional flexibility

LMR standard is a UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use. The bending and handling characteristics are significantly better than air-dielectric and corrugated hard-line cables.

Flexibility and bendability are hallmarks of the LMR-400 cable design. The flexible outer conductor enables the tightest bend radius available for any cable of similar size and performance.

Low Loss is another hallmark feature of LMR-400 Size for size LMR has the lowest loss of any flexible cable and comparable loss to semirigid hard-line cables.

RF Shielding is 50 dB greater than typical single shielded coax (40 dB). The multi-ply bonded foil outer conductor is rated conservatively at > 90 dB (i.e. >180 dB between two adjacent cables).

Weatherability: LMR-400 cables designed for outdoor exposure incorporate the best materials for UV resistance and have life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Connectors: THESE JUMPERS wired with hand soldered Amphenol PL-259 or Type N connectors.




Interactive calculator ONLINE


Amphenol Type-N

AMPHENOL RF  172113H243 
RF / Coaxial Connector, N Type,

PL-259 Amphenol
AMPHENOL RF PL-259 RF / Coaxial Connector, UHF Coaxial, Straight Plug, Solder



Example Calculate Attenuation = (0.146748) FMHz + (0.000312) FMHz


Ambient = +25C (77F)

Power: VSWR=1.0;

Ambient = +40C; Inner

Conductor = 100C (212F);

Sea Level; dry air; atmospheric pressure; no solar loading 


If calculated using CB radio 27.205 Mhz (channel 20)

LMR-400UF at 27Mhz

     1 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
     3 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
     6 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
     9 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   12 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   30 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   44 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   59 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   74 FT Coax Cable Assemblies 
   88 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   102 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   117 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   132 FT Coax Cable Assemblies 
   145 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   161 FT Coax Cable Assemblies
   500 FT Roll of Coax
(no connectors)
N-type  AMPHENOL N Type
 Coaxial Connector
PL-259 AmphenolAMPHENOL PL-259  
Coaxial Connector
Double female UHF barrel connector. Will connect two PL259 plugs. $6
Barrel Male to male UHF coupler. Also called PL259 male/ male. $10
prices calculated at $2.44 per foot.

Construction Specifications 

mechanical Specifcations

LMR-400UF Electrical Specifications

Attenuation chart

Velocity of Propagation  85%

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