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Trailer Hitch mount

Trailer Hitch



     Special mount to fit trailer hitch receivers. These are hand made here locally and are of the finest quality materials and workmanship. We start with a new trailer hitch and a new Firestick Stainless Steel Bracket. The top of the bracket is cut off and it is welded to the top of the trailer mount. Now the hole is a perfect 1/2 inch for standard stud mounts AND the bottom is a stainless surface where the stud mount ground hits. Paint where the hitch goes in the receiver is ground off for good ground connection. The rest is painted black.


Trailer Hitch mount  Trailer Hitch mount
Trailer Hitch mount  Trailer Hitch mount


...Hitch Mount... $119.50


Class 3 Trailer Hitch

 Fits 2-Inch Receiver

 2-In Drop

3/4-Inch Rise













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