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Small Accessories

Mic Extension Cords



Mic Extension Cords

  • 4 Ft long ( 10" stretches to 4 Ft )

  • Mic Extension Cord

  • Wired with both female and male connectors

  • When you just need a little extra cord.


You might also wish to have us make a custom extension:
(call for pricing of your custom needs.)
  • Longer length

  • Different Pin arrangements,

  • Different pin input than pin output (adapter/converter)

  4 Pin Cobra wiring code
            Mic Extension Cords...
 4 Pin Cobra wiring code PLUS.
Mic Extension Cords with longer,
higher quality cords...These are NOT
Workman brand.
3 foot stretched to 6 foot

  5 Pin DIN Cobra wiring code
            Mic Extension Cords...

One end has a female and one side a male plug.  

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