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Dodge Ram Hood

Also Available with screw-on S0-239

     The primary use for the SS-184 stainless steel mount is for antenna installation on the new style Dodge Ram and Dakota pick-ups (1994 thru 2004). When the hood is open, the fender bolt near the firewall is removed (right or left side) and later reused to bolt the antenna bracket to the under-hood fender lip. All mounting hardware is invisible unless the hood is open. Additional stainless steel sheet metal screws are supplied if additional strength is determined to be needed. The bracket has a pre-determined bend and does not interfere with the closing of the hood. The bracket is 2" (51mm) wide by 4.1" (104mm) long.


...Dodge Ram Hood mount... $11.50
    When in close quarters sometimes you require a stud with the  crimp-on coaxial connectors. For a real nice water sealed way you can use the Fire-Ring coax.  Sometimes you may prefer a screw on SO-239 connector, that would be on the SS-184A

     Also available is a mini-kit that has the bracket and Fire-Ring coax all in one package. If you don't already have the coax, the mini-kit (MK-184R) would be a good choice.







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