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New Virginia




  • 1/4 wave
  • 1.1/1 pre-adjusted
  • 250 Watt P.E.P.
  • 800 kHz / 80 Ch
  • 19.69 inches - 500 mm
  • Magnetic (strong)
  • Dual helical

OK, we also had scheptisism about this antenna working very well due to the small size.  We put one on Joe's car. It looked great of coarse.  He put a President Lincoln in there for the test.  Then he drove off checking in every couple minutes untill he was around S-3 level in our radio (mobile also).  Joe had gone 6 Miles (then he was home).  That's not it's max range, but maybe the max you might want to be using it at.  We feel the test was a success since we didn't expect more than 3 miles when we started.


President "New Virginia" Antenna

See also the PNI Extra 45


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