CB/AM/FM, CB Antenna Splitter



CB/AM/FM, CB Antenna Splitter


     The perfect accessory for people who need to use their CB antenna for their CB and AM/FM radio. Although there used to be some matchers that allow you to use your AM/FM antenna for CB, be forewarned that your CB performance will be at best, very poor. Unlike the receive only antenna needed by the AM/FM radio, a CB needs its antenna to be resonant within the CB band. If you only want one antenna, than use a CB antenna and the IM-AF. Installation is easy too!

Simply disconnect the antenna coax from the CB and screw it on to the IM-AF.  Then, screw the PL-259 lead to the CB and put the pin-plug into the AM/FM radio's antenna input socket. Both coaxial leads have easy to use BNC connectors for ease of installation.  30 Watt maximum input power rating. No tuning necessary.


... CB antenna converter ... $29.50
This matcher tunes your CB antenna to be used with your AM/FM radio and your CB.

This will tune almost ANY CB antenna, It does NOT tune your AM/FM antenna to be used with your CB. (There used to be matchers like that available but do to the antenna size of an AM/FM, the performance was very poor.)



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