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Silver Load
Wire-wound Fiberglass
CB Antennas


Tests Show Wilson Fiberglass Antennas has more Power Gain
than K-40, Firestik® II Or Francis.
See Below Test For Results

Wilson "Silver Load" FGT & Flex Fiberglass Advantages

Why the Wilson Silver Load FGT & Flex Performs Better
Testing the popular fiberglass antennas showed some brands put losses, like a dummy load, to make their antenna look good on the SWR meter, but sacrificed most of the power gain.

Wilson designed the Silver Load, with its exclusive impedance matching transformer, to give good SWR without sacrificing power gain. Additionally, using spaced windings on the top load to eliminate the dielectric losses, and silver plated wire for maximum radiation. With these features, Wilson has the best performing fiberglass antenna available.

Tested by Dr. Dwight Heim
Dr. Dwight Heim, ( PH.D. Electrical Engineering, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan ) an independent consultant, conducted a test and comparison on some of the fiberglass antennas used by truckers. The graphs below indicate the results of this comparison test.

Results of Antenna Comparison Test


FGT chart 2'
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The Wilson FGT-2, 2' Silver Load antenna out performed the Firestik® 2' and even the 3' models of the Francis and K-40 fiberglass antennas.

FGT chart 3'
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The Wilson FGT-3, 3' Silver Load out performed all other 3' antennas tested by a wide margin. Proof that theWilson Silver Load is the most powerful 3' fiberglass is hard to beat.

FGT chart 4'
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Once again, the Wilson FGT Silver Load series of antennas outperforms the competition. The FGT-4, 4' antenna proved to be the better performer against the other 4' antennas.

TEST RESULTS: The test results and charts above are based on all CB fiberglass antennas tested by Dr. Dwight Heim.The test results and charts above are based on all CB fiberglass antennas tested by Dr. Dwight Heim.
PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: The Wilson Silver Load FGT fiberglass antenna will outperform the fiberglass antenna it replaces or your money back. This guarantee is good for 15 days from the date of purchase at the original purchase point only, and with dated sales receipt.

2 FOOT FGT-2 $22.50
3 FOOT FGT-3 $25.50
4 FOOT FGT-4 $27.50


New 2022 Shipping Rate

  • Adjustable tip for fine tuning SWR & resonant frequency
  • Exclusive impedance matching transformer lead
  • 3/8" fiberglass rod for heavy duty performance, 1/4" tapered fiberglass rod on Flex
  • Fully linear top loaded for maximum transfer of power out of antenna ( better than helical winding )
  • Spaced windings to reduce dielectric heat loss
  • 18 gauge silver plated wire to reduce resistive losses on FGT, 22 gauge on Flex
  • PVC protective covering around antenna on FGT, special rubberized covering on Flex.
  • Static reducing weather cap
  • 3/8" X 24" standard threaded mounting
  • 5 Year Warranty on FGT



ANTENNA POWER GAIN : the amount of improvement in power amplification over another antenna. The higher gain antenna will transmit & receive farther, but the actual distance will vary depending on the gain, ground terrain and other environmental factors. Individual test results may vary due to the vehicle's ground plane and matching configuration.

EXAMPLE :The Wilson X has 20% more power gain at 27.185 MHz than Brand X antenna. This means that if the Wilson transmits 100 watts of power, then Brand X will need 120 watts of power to have the same signal strength at the receive end.


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