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All the equipment on this page is Certified as WORKING condition
unless otherwise clearly marked/stated.
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The Heathkit GD-1B is a grid dip meter that can be used to determine the frequency of other oscillating circuits. It was produced from 1954 to 1960.
The GD-1B can be used to:
--- Determine the frequency of other oscillating circuits
--- Measure the relative power lost to a nearby circuit
--- Measure the relative power absorbed from a nearby powered circuit
--- Measure the signal strength of the oscillation Measure the resonant frequency of a circuit
UNTESTED, sold as NON Working.

Jackson Model 640 Test Oscillator
Information PDF

NON working, could use all new Caps and cleaning.

The Eico model 320 is a vintage signal generator. 
 It has a metal case and no sound reproduction output. 
You can also download free manuals for the Eico model 320 from the BAMA archive.
NON working, could use all new Caps and cleaning.

The EICO Model 950 is  a vintage electronic tool that measures resistance, capacitance, and inductance. It can also check a capacitor under its actual operating voltage. This feature makes it useful for restoring vintage tube radios and TVs.  The EICO Model 950 can measure: 
    -- Capacitance
    -- Inductance
    -- Power factor on higher capacity ranges
NON working, could use all new Caps and cleaning.



The EICO Model 324 is a vacuum tube radio frequency (RF) signal generator. It's used for servicing radios and televisions, and other applications. 
The EICO Model 324 has: 
    -- Two dual triode tubes
    -- A selenium rectifier
    -- A 12AT7 RF oscillator
    -- A metal case
    -- No sound reproduction output

The EICO Model 324 can generate signals from 150 KHz to 435 MHz
You can download manuals for the EICO Model 324 from the BAMA archive.
NON working, could use all new Caps and cleaning.



Tektronics 475
O-Scope 200Mhz
The Tektronix 475 is a portable dual-trace oscilloscope.  200 MHz bandwidth
Maximum vertical sensitivity of 2 mV/Div
Dual time-bases
Full-range calibrated delayed time base with precision delay time control

The 475 is all solid-state except for the CRT. It has two non-delaying sweep generators with complicated switching.

    - Top VDC Unit not working
    - Works great

    - Use as your Transmit monitor

Tuning Indicator I-234

I could find no information on this device online,  but since it looked like a field strength meter I tested it as such in the field and it worked great.
 The antenna has no ball on the tip but otherwise extends and works fine.
Hey Competition Shoot-out CB Guys..., this is the meter you walk around your vehicle ( in a big circle) and measure the signal to see where the  gain of the signal is in different directions.



EICO 715 Trans- Match

The EICO 715 Trans-Match is a CB test set that checks transmitter performance. It checks power and SWR. The EICO 715 Trans-Match is a Ham-CB tester.

Bird 4381 Power Analyst

The 4381 Power Analyst is a wattmeter that reads both forward and reflected power output for CW, symmetrical AM, FM, and SSB. The meter is also capable of calculating SWR, dB return loss and the percent modulation of a device.

Used at RF Parts it sells for $419

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