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Base Microphone


With UP and DOWN buttons and MORE !!!

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Quoted from the MFJ site:

"This is the most complete ham station desktop microphone console you'll ever own!
The MFJ-299 Ham station Console Desktop microphone is enclosed in a heavy duty all metal cabinet with molded plastic end caps. Nice, secure rubber feet stay put on your table. All controls are permanently silk -screened and easy-to-read. Here are a few of the exciting features we think you will appreciate.

A high sensitivity ceramic microphone element (10.5 inches with FlexNeck TM) bends and stretches to your most comfortable operating position. A fine mesh metal grill helps to eliminate background noise.

MFJ-299 has a high quality compressor amplifier with high, medium, and low selection switches. It always sends out a constant and optimum level w without distortion, regardless of audio input level. The high switch (45dB) is selected when you speak in a low voice or away from the microphone in a quiet place.
The medium switch (35dB) is the optimum position for a normal QSO. You can enjoy a QSO with enough voice level at 10 centimeters away from the microphone. 
The low switch (10dB) will activate only when the microphone has a large input level of audio. This is great for operating in a noisy area like at a HamFest talk-in station.

MFJ-299 is equipped with a built-in graphic equalizer with center frequencies of 270, 540, 1000,and 2000 Hz. It gives best audio quality for FM mode and maximum efficiency for SSB mode.

Has on-air indicator and an output level volume control. On-air blinks on and off when in receiving mode and will light up continuously when transmitting. 

MFJ-299 is equipped with PTT momentary and PTT lock switches that allow you to switch between long one-sided QSOs and fast two-sided conversations. The frequency up/down switches let you operate your transceiver at your desktop microphone. Four function keys (CALL, VFO, MR, PF) are specifically for Kenwood transceivers only. An output level meter lets you adjust the output level to not exceed 0 dB. It also works as a battery checker for a few seconds, just after switching the power on.

A revolutionary triple radio input socket makes it super easy to install for any model transceiver: Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, and compatible transceivers. It makes it easy to switch to several different radios, ie: field day, contests, base station, etc.

MFJ-299 has a built-in battery check circuit. It lets you press the power switch and the level meter will indicate the battery condition with power voltage for a few seconds."




A good customer wrote back and gave a great review of the microphone I would like to share it with you:

Thanks so much for the MFJ 299 Mic. And it was so well packed.
I was not certain I was making the best choice in mics, as we have no shops in my area to physically get your hands on something first to see if it is what you really need.
So for having never even touched an MFJ299 before, I was very impressed. Not only is it a very solid (all metal) microphone, but it sits well on the desk and is easy to get used to operating. After hooking it up, it does take a little time to dial it in.
Sure helps to have talkback with a set of good headphones on. I had read it was a little touchy, but I have not noticed that, once I got it dialed in.
Great reports back on the sound. And the Modulation easy easy to adjust, even on the RCI. It allows easier control by pulling my RCI's mic gain down some and using the gain on the Microphone for slight changes as necessary.
The EQ is a little tricky, it has some very large adjustment capabilities at 12 db. either way. But once mastered really does make the voice sound better.
The 3 position Compression selection is absolutely great. Overall, I am really enjoying it. Really helps when sitting away from the Mic a bit. I've picked out a couple of comfortable positions, while at my desk, and I can switch between settings to properly adjust for either.
I had always been a D104 guy in the past, but this MFJ299 is a cut above in sound control and sound quality.
And I am so glad I didn't give up my channel switching functions of my RCI 2970n2 with a new mic.
Now if I could get some slight Echo on it. Maybe that's the next project.
Thanks again, 73s,

This is reprinted with Ed's permission.

 ...MFJ-299  Microphone... $149.50

This microphone has NO Receive switching and cannot be used with any radios that require the microphone to be plugged in to hear the receive.

Simply put, Regular CB Radios like Cobra 29LTD, Cobra 2000, Washington base station etc....Will NOT work with this microphone.


This mic NEEDS one of these cords to work

Wired with high quality coiled full length microphone cable, an RJ45 type plug on one end and a plug of your choice on the other end.

  • 4 pin Plug for  Ranger, General, Galaxy, Connex and more.

  • 5 pin Plug for  President HR-2510/2600

  • 6 pin Plug for Ranger

  • 6 pin Plug for President (Channel change function  doesn't work with president radios)

  • 6 pin Plug for Magnum

  • 8 Pin Icom

  • 8 Pin Yaesu

  • 8 Pin Kenwood

  • Other - specify  your exact Radio


Wired for?
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S/N Ratio:  80dB
Distortion Factor: 0.05% (at flat)
Graphic Equalizer: 4 stage (270, 540, 1000, 2000 Hz) + 12 dB range
Output Voltage: COMP 0 - 30mV (RMS)
Matching Output Impedance: 500 Ohms
Current Consumption: 11mA maximum
Alarm Sound: Approximately
4.5 KHz
Size: 9Wx1.25Hx5D
Weight: 1.5lbs

Suport Ukraine 90day-warranty-decal