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Mobile Microphone

Amplified Microphone


      The ASTATIC D104-M6 "power" microphone offers the CB'er modern styling and features along with the sound and "talk-power" made famous by the ASTATIC D104 for over 60 years.

     An output impedance compatible with the inputs of almost all commercial transceivers and externally adjustable high gain amplifier ensures desired modulation level. The d104-M6 has easily accessible rear control for volume adjustment so that the correct modulation level can be set for each operators voice. The D104-M6 preamplifier is powered by a readily available, easily replaced, 9 volt battery. The D104-M6 has a six wire coil cord which allows for relay, electronic or virtually any type hookup with almost any transceiver. The audio line is open during receive.



  • Ceramic Power Microphone
  • Molded Black Tough ABS Housing
  • Chrome Plated Grille Screen
  • Designed for Harsh Mobile Environments
  • Includes Transistor Amplifier & External Gain Control
  • Requires 9-Volt Battery (Included)
  • 4-Pin Connection
  • 7.5" Coiled Cord
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • UPC #: 6 31922 10005 1





Read about the "History of the Astatic Microphone Company".

 ...D104-M6B  Microphone...
Wired 4-Pin
Wired with high quality 4 pin Plug for Cobra / Uniden / President / Galaxy / Radio Shack / Ranger etc..
*Includes a Duracell
9V Battery

Astatic D104-M6B service tips

New Duracell
Battery included`!!
Modify for a lower tone by installing a resistor and making it sound like a 575M6. $10
Wire with new high quality 5 pin Plug for  Cobra / Uniden / President. $19
Wire with a new high quality 5 pin DIN Plug for Cobra / Uniden $19
Wire with a new high quality 4 pin Plug for Midland $19
Wire with a new high quality 6 pin Plug for Ranger $19
Wire with a new high quality 5 pin DIN Plug for Radio Shack / Sears $19

Other Mic

Wire with a new high quality plug for OTHER. Please specify  your exact Radio and Model. $19












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