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X10 Roger Beep

Ultimate *Programmable Roger Beep!

Roger beep instructions

The RBX10 is a Microprocessor Controlled Roger Beep with 10 Plus Programmable End of Transmission Sounds!

The Board Selector Switches can be used to select one of Three Standard RB Sounds, Or to select from up to Seven (or More) Pre-Programmed Sounds by entering the Programming Mode! All from a Single RB Board!

There are Four Models to choose from, each containing more than Ten RB Sounds! Other Models may be added in the near future! All sounds and functions are produced by the On Board Programmable PIC Processor. 

A list of the Models & Sounds available now are listed below. The RBX10 uses Advanced Switching Circuitry that can be easily wired into most Any Type of Radio.


* These boards are supposed to emit a tone to the speaker when programming them.  I have only heard these tones once out of 10 installations in different radios.  On some they just want a beep so no big deal, others who I programmed, I literally fudged my way through and pretended to hear tones until I got it trial and error.  I recently did one that I couldn't get any programming from and couldn't hear it so I asked the manufacturer for more information about it. They have not provided a response.  For now I can sell these as beep and double beep only. Programmed sounds are not yet guaranteed to work.   I have recently been advised by the "Redman" CB web site that if I put a speaker in the PA jack I can monitor the tones there.  I will try this soon.



RB-X10 Boards are sold in Four Models, Each are
Pre-Programmed with 3 beeps and 8 Sound bytes!
* Single RB Single RB Single RB Single RB  
* Double RB Double RB Double RB Double RB  
* Be-Leep Be-Leep Be-Leep Be-Leep  
1. 7 Tone Up 7 Tone Down Celestial Be-Bop  
2. Munster Cyclop 4 Tone RB Coo Coo  
3. Phone Ring Nextel New Max Courtesy Beep  
4 Roger K Quatro Robot R2D2  
5. Twilight Zone 5 Tone Sting (The Sting) Roger R  
6. Woody W. Twisted Triple RB Euro  
7. Be-Bop Orion USA Triple RB  
8. 3 Tone High 3 Tone Low 5 Tone Dukes - (Dixie)



...Roger Beep Circuit X10...


Switch Settings:

The switches on the board have specific functions to change the pre-programmed sounds in the chip.
ONLY switches one and two are used to set the desired sounds.
When All switches are OFF, a standard RB sound is emitted.
Switch 1 ON, results in a Double RB. (SW 2 OFF)
Switch 2 ON, results in a Custom Be-Leep RB sound (SW 1 OFF).
Only Switch 1 or 2 are Switched ON at a time.

When Switches 1 and 2 are ON Simultaneously, the Sound produced will be preset by the user in Programming Mode. Once this sound is Set, the sound will not change unless the user enters Programming Mode again to change the sound..







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