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10 Meter Mobile Radio

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  The TEXAS RANGER 6900 F150  is a 480-channel, 12 band synthesized mobile transceiver covering the range of 28.000 to 29.665 MHz. It operates in any of 5 modes including CW, FM, AM, USB and LSB, and features an Automatic Noise Limiter/Noise Blanker (ANL/NB) to help eliminate repetitive impulse noise.

     Its multi-function meter gives direct indication of received signal strength, RF power output or Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). A Mic Gain control is provided to adjust full talk power and an RF Gain control to set the sensitivity of the RF amplifier under strong signal conditions.

     This unit is also equipped with a Frequency Counter Connector for the optional Ranger FC-390 Frequency Counter. The FC-390 displays the actual operating frequency on an LED readout.


  • NEW PLL & VCO Synthesized Design More Stable
  • Built in Double FET Balance Mixer for excellent intermodulation Performance in RX.
  • Noise Limiter / Blanker
  • S/RF Meter with SWR Indication
  • RF gain and Mic Gain Controls
  • Variable RF power
  • Frequency Counter Connector
  • External Speaker Jack


Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further information can be found at the FCC website or the ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing information can be obtained by visiting or In Canada, visit or







Frequency Range: 28.245 - 29.655
(expandable to 24.265 - 29.665 MHZ )
Modes: AM/FM/SSB
Frequency Control: Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
Frequency Stability: 0.001%
Temperature Range: -30 degrees C. to + 50 degrees C.
Input Voltage: DC 13.8 V
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
Size:  7 7/8" (W) x 9 1/4"
 (D) x 2 7/8" (H)
Weight: 7 lbs
RF Power Output: -- AM/FM/CW : 50W (150W Peak AM)
-- SSB : 150W (PEP)
Spurious Emission:  -50dB
Audio Distortion:  10%
Frequency Response: 300 to 2500 Hz
Microphone: Dynamic
Sensitivity: AM 0.5uV for 10dB S+N/N --
FM 0.25uV for 20dB S+N/N --
SSB 0.15uV for 10dB S+N/N
Squelch Sensitivity: 0.5uV
Selectivity:  -55dB
Image Rejection: 50dB
Hum & Noise: -40dB
Audio Output Power: 2.5W at 10% THD


The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone.  Your new tuned radio will NOT
sound great  with a stock mic on it  If your CB is more than a tool for work, you NEED to upgrade your microphone. 
My personal favorites are the Astatic 636L and RD104E.

If you place an order from outside the continental USA, we will calculate your actual shipping and send you a PayPal payment request.  We do NOT export Antennas or Base station radios.


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