Galaxy CB Radio Warranty

We believe that this warranty
is one of the best in the industry:
  • This radio is covered by a Galaxy two year limited parts and labor warranty. "Limited" means that we will repair problems caused by factory defects or normal use at no charge. Work performed by qualified technicians which did not cause any damage to the radio will not void the warranty and will be left intact. Serious damage caused by unqualified technicians, operator abuse or other miscellaneous catastrophes can also be repaired, but there will be a charge. Unfortunately, some radios have arrived with a "WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN" sticker on the side. This was done in error, and subsequent shipments do not have this sticker.
  • The Galaxy warranty covers the radio, not the purchaser. The radio is covered no matter how many owners it has had. 
  • Each radio is stamped with the date of manufacture -- if no sales receipt is available, the radio is covered for 26 months from that date. The first digit of the serial number represents the year, the next two digits indicate the month, so that the radio shown below was manufactured in February of 1998 and is under warranty without a receipt through the end of April of the year 2000.

Date Code 

  • For maximum convenience,  these radios can be shipped directly to Galaxy for repair with a Repair Authorization Number that can be obtained by calling The Galaxy  Service Department at the telephone number listed in the instruction manual.
  • There are NO AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS.  For warranty repair you must ship the radio to Galaxy.
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