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Dome Mounts 

Also Available with screw-on S0-239

As you would expect, Firestik takes the Dome Mount to the next level! Instead of a multi-part insert that can develop high resistance, and not be accessible for repair, our insert is now one solid piece. It is impossible for it to have any developed internal resistance or worse, opens. We also molded this piece using glass reinforced nylon for durability and longevity. Both models are made to mount in a standard 1/2" (13mm) hole so you can use them on all common mounts (mirror mounts, flat mounts, stake hole mounts, etc.) or by itself as a stand alone mount. Each model includes a rubber seal as well as an underside support washer. These mounts have a 2" (51mm) diameter base, and when installed with the rubber seal in place, stand a little over 2" (52mm) tall. The major difference in the two models is the method of connecting the coax cable.

The DM-4 requires coax cables that are terminated with ring terminals. We supply the necessary ring terminals with the mount. This style has a very low profile on the underside which makes it idea for vehicle roofs with headliners. Total space consumed on the underside by all components is a mere 0.675" (17mm). Click here to see parts/assembly.




 ... Dome Mount Price ...  $13.50
"Like many other Firestik mounts, the versatility of these mounts go well beyond their targeted use. When you hold this mount in your hand you will start to recognize all of the mounting possibilities".


We also offer a Dome Mount Mini-Kit that includes the Dome Mount with our 18ft, Fire-Ring terminated coaxial cable.



1 Year Warranty


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