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Mobile  CB Radio

Cobra 25LTD AM/FM


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The 25 LTD CB radio offers new dual-mode AM/FM for enhancing communication clarity and delivering superior sound quality. As Cobra's most compact Professional CB, the Classic maintains the exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly controls as the 29 LTD. Equipped with advanced features such as Noise Blanker, Automatic Noise Limiter, and Dynamike for voice amplification, along with dimmer control, the 25 LTD Classic ensures an unparalleled communication experience.

  • Illuminated S/RF Meter
  • Switch-able Noise Blanker
  • Automatic Noise Limiter
  • RF Gain Control
  • Dynamike Control
  • Instant Channel 9
  • CB/PA Switch
  • HxWxD = 2.19" x 6.69" x 9.98"
  • 2.81 Lbs

Cobra 25LTD AM/FM


Cobra 25LTD AM/FM


The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone. 

 Your new radio will NOT sound great with a stock mic on it even if you have it tuned.

 If your CB is more than a tool for work, you NEED to upgrade your microphone. 
My personal favorites are the
Astatic 636L and RD104E.


CB Microphone Wiring (Galaxy)

 Cobra 25LTD
 CB Radio

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Optional Accessories

 Tune-up.  Perform a tune-up to radio to increase power, audio and performance.  AM carrier 6 watts and 28-32 watts peak power. $29

 Perform Receiver improvement mods.
(These mods replace key RX parts for better sensitivity and selectivity)
Switch Option
Dead Key
 Low Dead Key (carrier). (perform a tune-up to radio to increase peak power with loud audio a lower carrier (dead key). This is perfect to match many amplifier types. $49
 VpowerVARIABLE POWER Install a power regulator / super modulator circuit and a rear mounted control installed,  Smooth Variable AM carrier from 1/2w to 5 watts. Includes a full Tune and Alignment to the radio. $79

 Turner RK-56 Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug)

 Astatic 636L Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug)
 Astatic RD104-E Amplified microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug and a battery installed)
 Install an Echo Board (Side)
(wired internal to the radio with dual controls on the left side to control speed and echo effects)

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy
(wired inside the radio with a switch  to trigger any 30 second sound byte you want)

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy as a background theme music
(wired inside the radio with a switch to play any background music at very low volume so you can talk over it.)
  Install a Record/Playback Module 120 seconds (wired inside the radio with a switch on the side to record 120 seconds and to play it back) $77
NB Switch Install Talkback
(wired inside the radio so that when you talk you can hear yourself. If you chose an Echo or a Recorder mod, I highly suggest this as well)
 Add a Small External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
 Add a Large External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
 Exchange the top and bottom covers to Diamond Plate Covers. $22

Tuned up values on these watt meters
Dosy Bird RMS * Bird 43P
AM 4.5 4.5 4.5
Peak 8 6 24
* The most informative meter and the one we use. 06/04/24





Cobra 2 Year Warrantee

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