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  Product Description Your Price
Uniden PRO-510XL and 520XL
4.5" X 1.5"
RF Limited Single DIN PRO510XL CB Radio Mounting Bracket Uniden PRO-510XL and 520XL DIN in-dash mount. $27.50
Cobra 25LTD, Uniden PC 66, 68 etc...
6.5" X 2"
Cobra 29LTD, Uniden PC 76, 78 etc...
7.5" X 2"
Pro Trucker PTC529B Black Radio Bracket For Cobra 29LTD Radios Cobra 29LTD, Uniden PC 76, 78 etc...
7.5" X 2"  BLACK

For Galaxy, Connex, Cobra 148, Ranger type Radios $8.50
BLACK For Galaxy, Connex, Cobra 148, Ranger type Radios $9.50
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DX-979 bracket For radios the size of a Cobra 29LTD but have
4 side mount holes
. Like these radios:
Galaxy DX-929F, DX-939F, DX-55F, DX-66V2, DX-86V,
Connex CX-33HPC2, CX-36HPF, Mirage MX-36HPC,
Superstar SS-36HP3, Ranger RCI-39VHP, Texas Ranger TRE-936FFB
D402 Adjustable Radio Mounting Bracket
2-5/8" X 8-1/2" (H X W)
Adjustable Bracket  Adjustable Bracket  Adjustable Bracket  Adjustable Bracket
Fits nearly every radio. Easily uses the side knobs to attach to your radio and hold it up at a good viewing angle and allows speaker on bottom of radio to be heard.  This bracket does not attach physically to the vehicle, it sits on the floor, hump or seat. $9.50
Swivel Bracket/Base $15.50
Swivel Bracket TALL $35.00
Swivel Bracket TALL - LARGE RADIO (HAM RIGS) $44.50
Cobra 25LTD Tall bracket
6.5" X 4.25"
Cobra 25LTD Super Tall bracket Stainless Steal
6.5" X 7" Mount radio vertical !!
Cobra 29LTD Tall bracket
7.5" X 4.25"
Workman C29XXX 7 x 9 in. CB Radio Mounting Bracket for Cobra 29, Uniden PC78 & Other Radios Cobra 29LTD Super Tall bracket
7.5" X 9" Mount radio vertical !!

tall bracket Cobra 29LTD Super Tall bracket Stainless Steal.
7-1/4"  X 7-1/2" Mount radio
vertical !!
Tall Radio
8" x 4 1/2"x 3"
EXTRA Tall Radio
8"W x 9"H x 3"

Texas Star 225, 250 and 350 bracket
5 1/2" x 3 1/8"
Texas Star 400, 500 and 667 bracket
6 7/8" x 3 1/8"
` Universal Mounting Bracket
7 Piece Bracket with Hardware.
Small Radio Pedestal Bracket. $15.99 
` Mounting Bracket DX Radio with hole in the front for mic jack. Comes in three sizes, for Cobra 25LTD, 29LTD or 148GTL. The 148 fits many other 10M radios $9.99
Grab Bar Mount for Jeep JK 2010+ $29.50
Radio and Mic Mount for the Grab Bar of the Jeep JT Gladiator and JL Wrangler $29.50
  Side Handle Screws 2x Screws for Handle Mount to bracket (Shown below)  $1.99 
    Base Station Handle 1 each $14.99  
  handle bracket Handle Bracket For Base Radios  $27.99  
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