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  Radio Modifications

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150 Ė 200 Watt OEM Final Amplifier Section
with High Performance Low Pass Filter


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The RFX150 is a replacement part for 10 meter amateur transceivers. The RFX150 includes the RF final output stages and low pass Filter section for a 10 meter mobile amateur

The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 75W RF Power MOSFET from EKL Components

  • Unique Vertical Fin Design Maximizes Heat Dissipation
    Itís physics 101, heat rises. So why would anyone design a heat sink
    with horizontal or downward pointing ns! In lower power applications
    this may be okay, but when dealing with hundreds of watts in
    a mobile environment you need every advantage possible. That is
    why the RFX150 features a radically unique design with vertical
    upward pointing cooling ns. The ns extend past the transceiverís
    top cabinet to allow increased air flow to the heat sink.
  • Latest Technology MOSFETís in an Old School Circuit
    The RFX150 uses a matched pair of ERF7530 high power MOSFET RF
    transistors running Class AB. The familiar push-pull design features
    time-tested components such as broadband transformers and
    dipped mica capacitors.
  • Made to Last
    Heavy-Duty Power Cord with SAE Connectors and Weatherproof
    Fuse Holder
  • Fan Kit Ready
    The RFX150 ns are drilled and channeled for easy mounting of the
    optional fan kit. Available separately. (coming soon).
  • 5-3/8" wide (across the back panel of the radio) x 2-1/4" deep (how far it sticks off the back of the radio) x 2-1/2" tall.  The fins are designed to extend past the top cabinet of the radio.






    This is a complicated modification and should not be done by an amateur. You should probably leave the installation and alignment to a proven technician.   


Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further information can be found at the FCC website or the ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing information can be obtained by visiting or In Canada, visit or







Discontinued ...Powerband Final Upgrade (KIT alone)... with 1 foot power cord. $99.50

10 Guage DC Cord
 25A Fused 10 guage wire
 (14 feet)



8 Guage DC Cord Dual 30A Fused 8 guage wire (14 feet)



RFX-150 Fan Kit
FOUR - 30 x 30 x 10mm Black Fans
SIXTEEN - Black Oxide Stainless Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw 4-40 x 1
(This is only a kit of parts and requires a tech to install)

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Galaxy DX979  



The RFX-150 and the SX-175 both contain the same amplifiers inside. The only difference is the size of the heatsink (fins) on each one of them. I don't know why they decided to call one the 175 and the other a 150. Both have the same electronics inside.

Think of the RFX-150 as light duty and the SX- 175
as heavy duty as far as talk time before overheating. If you talk a lot and use SSB a lot, then the SX-175 is best. If you listen a lot and use mostly AM, then the RFX-150 will do fine.



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