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The PowerbandRFX-85

The RFX85 is replacing the RFX75. Mechanically, the RFX85
 features a new aluminumheatsink design with thicker ns for more
heat dissipation and greater performance. The newheatsink is
fan-ready and supports mounting of either one centered fan or
 two side-by-side fans.Electrically, the RFX85 features a fully
regulated bias circuit with adjustable control pots for both the
ERF2030 driver stage and ERF7530 nal stage. The addition
of adjustable fully regulated bias greatlyimproves SSB performance
and allows for perfect uning to almost any radio circuit.
The RFX85 installs the same as the RFX75, so no need to
learn something new!

    This is a complicated modification and should not be done by an amateur.
You should probably leave the installation and alignment to a proven technician.



GALAXY DX-949/959/979 RADIOS.
These work great on the Cobra 29 Series
but lower output on Galaxy radios.

Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further i
nformation can be found at the FCC website or the
ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing
 information can be obtained by visiting or In
Canada, visit or







Discontinued SingleFan Kit You install the fan yourself . 1x Fans, 1x chrome grill and 4x screws provided. $11

Dual Fan Kit You install the fans yourself . 2x Fans, 2x chrome grills and 8x screws provided.

Install instructions for a Cobra 25LTD



Fan Ready Heatsink Design
The RFX85 heatsink supports mounting one or two 40mm fans directly to the ns for forced-air cooling.




Final Transistor: ERF7530
Driver Transistor: ERF2030
Low Pass Filter: 3-Stage
Dimensions: 3-3/8" x 1-5/8" x 2"













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