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Ranger Logo 10 Meter Mobile Radio



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AM 10M Mobile Radio



New April 2018
Smaller size chassis the same size as a Cobra 29 Cb radio. This radio packs a lot of power in a smaller size radio with 80 watts
.  So this is a DX radio that will now fit in the Cobra 29LTD size holes. Very nice for those with a spot just right for a 29LTD (many standard holes in tractors are made for  the Cobra 29 size). 

See also the ... 39VHP PLUS

  • Cobra 29 Size Chassis.
  • Heavy-Duty Back Panel Heatsink, New Design
  • Frequency Range:
    • 28.000 ~ 29.699 MHz (10 Meter Amateur Band)
  • RF Output Power:
    • 80 Watts Peak
  • New Smoke Chrome Front Panel
  • 4pin Front Panel Mic Jack.
  • Blue LED Channel Display
  • Real Channel Selector Control
  • SRA-198 Chrome Noise Cancelling Mic Included
    This is a great mic, no need to upgrade.
  • Variable Echo and Talk Back
  • 3 Stage Dimmer Switch
  • Operation Mode:
    • AM / PA

Ranger radios sometimes have a small scratch or ding that the factory covers with black touch up.  We cannot effect this and do not guarantee your radio to be cosmetically perfect.  Bells CB will make no marks or scratches on your radio ourselves.  Ranger might though and I cannot control it. 

As a matter of fact the radios chrome face plate is of poor quality and can scratch off and leave white.  Some units have even come that way. 






RCI-39VHP Face



CB Microphone Wiring (Galaxy)

Comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Further information can be found at the FCC website or the ARRL website

Transmitting using this radio requires an Amateur Radio License. Licensing information can be obtained by visiting or In Canada, visit or

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Free Shipping
...AM 10 Meter Mobile... $389.50

Optional Accessories
 Tune-up and frequency conversion. (Tune-up, Alignment and expanded frequency coverage $39

 Perform Receiver improvement mods.
(These mods replace key RX parts for better sensitivity and selectivity)

 Turner RK-56 Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug)

 Astatic 636L Noise Canceling microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug)
 Astatic RD104-E Amplified microphone.
(wired for this radio with a 4 pin plug and a battery installed)
  Install a Record/Playback Module 120 seconds (wired inside the radio with  two pushbuttons on the side to record 120 seconds and to play it back) $77

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy
(wired inside the radio with a switch or pushbutton to trigger any 30 second sound byte you want)

Sound Byte link

 Install a Noise toy as a background theme music
(wired inside the radio with a switch to play any background music at very low volume so you can talk over it.)
 Add a Small External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
 Add a Large External Speaker
(plugs into back of the radio for improved sound)
Install Star-Bryte Knobs with dimmer control. Includes a 6 Knob set , parts and labor. $172


Tuned up values on these watt meters
Dosy Bird RMS * Bird 43P
AM 2 ~ 15w 2 ~ 15w 2 ~ 15w
PEAK AM 5 ~ 45w 3 ~ 17w 35 ~ 100w
* The most informative meter and the one we use.


 Frequency Range

28.145 - 29.655 MHz



 Frequency Control

PLL Synthesizer

 Frequency Stability


 Operating Temp. Range

- 30 șC to + 50 șC

 Input Voltage

13.8 Vdc

 Antenna Impedance

50 Ohms

 Size (W x D x H)

7.25" x 9"x 2.25"


3.5 Lbs.

 Shipping Weight

6 Lbs.

 RF Power Output

AM: 10W

 Spurious Emission

Better than -50 dB

 Audio Distortion

10 %

 Frequency Response

300 to 2500 Hz


Noise Cancelling

 AM Sensitivity for 10 dB SINAD

0.5 ”V

 Squelch Sensitivity

0.5 ”V

 Image Rejection

- 50 dB

 Hum and Noise

- 40 dB

 Audio Output Power

2.5W @ 10% THD

 AGC Figure of Merit

 80dB for 50mV for 10dB change in audio

 Audio Response

300 to 2500 Hz


SO-239As many of you may know;  Ranger, Galaxy and General radios have all had some poor tolerance coax connectors this last year (SO-239 on the back of the radio) . You have to wiggle the coax just right to get a good grab on the threads of the connector. They are too far “out of tolerance” and we can no longer accept it.       So we have started changing the coax connectors ourselves to a much higher quality SO-239 that will fit your coax nice and tight.  This has affected our selling price ($10) but we think you will agree that it is worth it.

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